Supporting Local Art in Cyprus.

  • Representing 40+ leading & emerging Artists in Cyprus
  • Buy, Rent or Commission Art for Properties in Cyprus or abroad
  • Art for homes, offices, hotels & luxury properties in Cyprus

Visit Chakra Fine Art Gallery in Paphos or connect with us online.

A rich selection of Artworks found  on this website  are available for  rent or sale at  Chakra Fine Art  Gallery  in Paphos. Do you live outside of Paphos or abroad? Connect with us online and receive a response within 24 hours.

Exclusive Art Services

We offer an exclusive range of Fine Art Services designed to make quality Artworks more accessible to homes, offices and luxury properties in Paphos and throughout Cyprus. Support Cyprus’ artistic heritage.

“Εύχομαι σωματική και ψυχική υγεία σε όλον τον κόσμο. Ακούω , βλέπω , νοιώθω πράγματα γύρω μου που πληγώνουν.

Κλείνομαι στον εαυτόν μου. Ζω σε λίμνη σιωπής. Ξεσπώ, δημιουργώ γλυπτά.”
φ γιαπανης.

Business-to-Business Collaboration

Excellent collaboration opportunities are available for property professionals, architects, interior designers, landscapers and commercial properties across the island.

Offer Bespoke Art to your clients & position your Brand above the rest.

We work with:

  • Interior Designers & Architects
  • Property Developers & Sales Teams
  • Hoteliers & Rental Property Landlords
  • Property & Art Investors